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Fishing in Montenegro

Best place for fishing in Montenegro on the coast

"Those who have been on the Rafailovici embankment know the many cafes and restaurants of this wonderful place. And to see every day a miracle of cooking in a nearby restaurant - one wants to repeat it myself.

Yes, not just to portray ... but to catch fish and visit the elements of the sea..."

fishing in Montenegro
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Fishing in the Adriatic is a responsible event. No matter how simple it may seem to you.

If we talk about fishing from the shore, then everything is quite simple when choosing the right place.

Take for example the coast near SUNRAF in Rafailovici.

A gentle descent without any special stones and a beach in the evenings with walking schools of mullet.

There is a variant of a rocky beach, but you have to throw the bait smartly and skillfully, or you will constantly put up with the loss of the hook.

Larger fish such as catfish and tuna are caught from a boat. Behind the island of St. Nikola, fishermen say there is a magical place where catfish are caught especially well in the month of October. In general, the main fishing season begins in September, when the summer heat leaves and the sea becomes more comfortable and not hot. Yes, and fishing has certain seasons.


You can learn more from your neighbors in SUNRAF

There are enough professional fishermen here.
Skadarsko Jezero
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