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Important Things to Carry in the Mountains

So, you're planning a mountain adventure?

Before you embark on your journey, there are a few nuances to consider, especially when it comes to what you should bring with you!

Firstly, a backpack. As you've correctly assumed, a backpack is far superior to a VOLI shopping bag for your trek.
A hat or a cap is a must-have - it could be a baseball cap, a sunhat, or a Panama hat. Don't forget to pack a pair of sunglasses - they'll come in handy.
A small first-aid kit is crucial as you never know what could happen in the mountains. Include matches or a lighter in your kit. Store them in a waterproof bag as you never know when a cloud might sneak out from behind a mountain and pour down some rain, soaking your matches.
Considering trekking poles might be a good idea. They will take some of the load off your back and help you find a good footing if you stumble or trip
Water is absolutely essential. Carry at least one and a half liters. It's beneficial to sip little by little to keep your joints functioning well during the trek and to quench your thirst on the journey.
A folding knife will always come in handy!
Food is a must - energy might abandon you at the most inconvenient time. Take something simple with you. You can enjoy a lavish meal of ćevapi or pljeskavica after your journey!
If you're planning a long trek, a torch is essential. A headlamp is the most convenient.
A small quantity of soft, gentle paper... well, you understand why that's essential.
And of course, a phone. Modern life is practically impossible without it. While the signal may be hit or miss in the mountains, you can still take amazing photos for your Instagram and Facebook and share your adventures with friends and loved ones.
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