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Explore Montenegro's natural beauty with our safe and exhilarating canyoning adventures today
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Drenovštica - Budva

Our journey starts from Drenovštica, a small village tucked away in the hills, and ends in Budva.
This route offers a unique blend of rural and urban landscapes, all while giving you an exhilarating canyoning experience.

Međureč - Bar

One person - 100 EUR

Škurda - Kotor

One person - 100 EUR

Rikavac - Bar

Special activities

Canyoning with SUNRAF


Going canyoning with us isn't just about the thrill of adventure, but also about the unforgettable experiences you'll have. From navigating through rugged terrain to witnessing the untouched beauty of Montenegro's landscapes, our canyoning tours are designed to provide you with a unique and exciting experience that goes beyond the ordinary


Your safety is our topmost priority. Our guides are trained to prioritize safety at every stage of your canyoning adventure.
You can trust us to take care of you and ensure a safe, yet thrilling, adventure in the canyons.


We pride ourselves on providing personalized attention to each of our guests. Our guides are not only there to lead the way, but also to ensure you are comfortable, well-informed, and having a great time.
We value your experience and are here to make it as enjoyable as possible


We provide canyoning equipment to ensure your safety and comfort.
Our gear is regularly checked and maintained to meet the highest safety standards, allowing you to focus on enjoying your adventure.

Best Locations

Our tours take you through some of the most stunning locations in Montenegro, from the historic coastal cities to the hidden beauty of inland canyons. With us, you will explore parts of the country that are off the beaten track and full of natural beauty

Inclusive Transfers

If you need a convenient transfers from the start to the end points of your adventure - call us.
This means you can focus on the experience, not on logistics


    Our lead instructor has over 10 years of experience in canyoning and holds a license from the prestigious Universal Canyoning Academy.

    You can have complete confidence in their ability to guide you through your canyoning journey, sharing their expertise and passion for adventure along the way.
    Universal Canyoning Academy licence
    Universal Canyoning Academy
    Sunraf - complex of apartments on the Adriatic Sea, combining comfort and closeness to nature.

    We offer our guests special conditions for long-term rentals of apartments outside the tourist season.

    Discover life among the picturesque mountains, where the birds sing and the fruit trees grow, and the feeling of tranquility arises on the soul.

    Apartment №36

    The management company takes care of your property. If you wish, we will undertake to rent out your apartment while you are away, so you can earn additional income.

    Renting your apartment out can provide you with a stable income of 4-6% per year, let alone the increase in the value of the property itself.

    70% for the owner
    30% for the management company