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The Ostrog Monastery

A Breathtaking Spiritual Journey in Montenegro

Ostrog monastery
Located 900 meters above sea level, the top section of the monastery provides breathtaking, panoramic views that extend to the horizon.
Ostrog Monastery is a breathtaking Religious Site in Montenegro, uniquely perched in the majestic rock of Ostroška Greda. This awe-inspiring Orthodox monastery is a shining symbol of Montenegrin Spiritual Heritage and a beacon of serenity since the 17th century.

Founded by Saint Basil of Ostrog, the monastery draws believers from around the globe, making it a significant Montenegro Religious Attraction. The panoramic views of the Bjelopavlici plain captivate visitors, but it's the tranquil spiritual atmosphere that truly distinguishes this sacred place.

Ostrog monastery History

Carved almost entirely into a mountain cliff in central Montenegro, this monumental feat of architecture seems to defy gravity, and has done so for centuries, enhancing its spiritual allure.

The monastery's conception is credited to Saint Basil of Ostrog, whose remains are enshrined within. Saint Basil, a bishop of Hercag Novi, was renowned for his wisdom, devout faith, and alleged miracles, making him a venerated figure in the Eastern Orthodox church.

Over the centuries, despite challenges and adversities, the Ostrog Monastery has persisted, symbolizing endurance and unshakeable faith. Its significance extends beyond Montenegro, making it an essential pilgrimage site not only for the Balkans but for Orthodox Christians worldwide.

The monastery complex is divided into two parts - the Upper and Lower Monasteries. The Upper Monastery is home to the Church of the Presentation and the Church of the Holy Cross, both magnificently engraved into the rock face, housing the relics of Saint Basil himself.

Today, the Ostrog Monastery continues to offer spiritual solace and an opportunity to connect with history. Its unique combination of natural beauty, religious significance, and historical heritage makes it a destination worth visiting for pilgrims and tourists alike.

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Interesting facts about Ostrog monastery

Architectural Marvel: Ostrog Monastery is uniquely constructed into the vertical cliff of Ostroška Greda. It's one of the few monasteries in the world with such an unusual and impressive location.

Miraculous Healing: Many pilgrims who visit Ostrog Monastery believe in the healing power of Saint Basil's relics housed there. There are numerous accounts of people being healed of ailments and diseases after their visit, contributing to the monastery's mystique.

Barefoot Pilgrims: It's not uncommon to see pilgrims making the final approach to the Upper Monastery barefoot, as an act of devotion and in seeking blessings or miracles.

Historical Survivability: The monastery has withstood numerous challenges over centuries, including the threat of Ottoman invasion and natural calamities, testifying to its resilience.

Saint Basil’s Cave: Before the monastery was built, Saint Basil used to live and pray in a nearby cave, where a chapel stands today. This chapel, known as Saint Basil's Cave, is a short hike from the main monastery and is often visited by pilgrims.

Natural Thermostat: The monastery's unique location inside the cliff keeps it naturally cool during the hot summer months and warm during winter.

An unexploded shell from a cannon: One of the fascinating artifacts at Ostrog Monastery is a bullet lodged in the upper walls. This bullet was fired during a time of conflict, aimed to cause destruction. However, instead of damage, it became an enduring part of the monastery's structure. The bullet's presence now stands as a symbol of the monastery's resilience and strength, adding an intriguing layer to its rich history and mystique.
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