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Discovering the Mountains: A Refreshing Escape from Coastal Crowds

Discovering the Mountains: A Refreshing Escape from Coastal Crowds
As beach tourism picks up and tourists multiply at a staggering rate, "newcomers" from various corners of the globe, long settled in Montenegro, are increasingly finding solace in the mountains.
Up there, it's cooler, and the hustle and bustle of the coastal region seem worlds away.
Falling in love with the mountains is easy. Starting with light routes can trigger an enticing journey that you will dive into with unending enthusiasm. Of course, a lot depends on your health - the routes help gauge how far your body can go to witness the beauty and charm that unfolds from the lofty heights.
Imagine this - you're strolling along a mountain slope, and a kestrel flies by, flapping its wings at you. If you get engrossed in its flight, you might even see it wink at you!
Any mountain trek, even the simplest one, requires specific skills. It's best to start this journey with professionals. Novices, and even experienced hikers, can get lost in the landscapes, overlook apparent dangers such as loose rocks, or accidentally veer off the trail and get lost. The mountain forest, which seems simple and unpretentious from the coast, isn't as straightforward as it appears. A good guide will always help, advise, teach, and explain how to behave in the mountains. Plus, assistance with equipment, like trekking poles, will provide good support for comfortable trekking.
No matter how easy the trail next to your house may seem, it's crucial to start your hiking adventures with professionals. This ensures that the positivity and joy of hiking do not turn into a stream of suffering and wasted relaxation time.