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Partnership with SUNRAF

Exclusive Opportunities for Real Estate Agencies

Welcome to Sunraf's dedicated page for real estate agencies.

We are delighted that you are considering a partnership with us.

Here, you'll find all the essential information you need to start promoting and selling Sunraf's premier seafront apartments.

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Sunraf is a premium apartment complex located along the breathtaking Adriatic Sea, offering the perfect blend of comfort and closeness to nature.

We offer our guests special terms for the rental or purchase of our seafront apartments with panoramic views.

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of life nestled between picturesque mountains and clear turquoise waters. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any inquiries.

Apartment №36

The management company takes care of your property. If you wish, we will undertake to rent out your apartment while you are away, so you can earn additional income.

Renting your apartment out can provide you with a stable income of 4-6% per year, let alone the increase in the value of the property itself.

70% for the owner
30% for the management company


Or you can call us yourself:
+382 69 059 049
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