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Investments in real estate Montenegro.

Why do people and business invest in properties?

Real estate is more than just rental income.

Let's go through the Long-Term Benefits of Real Estate Investment.

Investing in real estate can offer stable returns and long-term growth potential. It is often seen as an attractive option for diversifying an investment portfolio. Property values appreciate over time, providing tangible assets that can be leveraged for other investments or used as collateral for loans.

The Montenegro real estate market has seen a recent surge in demand and experienced an inflow of foreign capital. This has led to an increase in property values and construction activity. Working with a reputable investment firm with local market expertise can help identify the best opportunities for investment.

However, investing in real estate is not without risks. Factors like economic conditions, political instability, and local regulations can cause property values to fluctuate. It's important to carefully consider the risks and benefits before making an investment decision.

By understanding the risks and benefits of real estate investment and diversifying a portfolio with stable, long-term growth potential, investors can achieve their financial goals.

What is investment in properties on the first line of the sea?

Discovering the Advantages and Risks of Investing in Properties on the First Coastal Line
Investing in properties on the first coastal line can offer prime location advantages, high demand, limited supply, potential for capital appreciation, and lifestyle benefits.

Coastal properties provide breathtaking sea views, direct beach access, and access to waterfront amenities like restaurants and cafes. It is often seen as a lucrative investment opportunity. By carefully weighing the risks and benefits, investors can make informed decisions and potentially reap significant returns on their investment.

What Sunraf offers:

- Seaside apartments, which is always in price,

- Prices from the developer without paying 3% tax on secondary housing

- Real estate maintenance and leasing. (Program SUNRAF 70/30)

The management company takes care of your property. If you wish, we will undertake to rent out your apartment while you are away, so you can earn additional income.

Renting your apartment out can provide you with a stable income of 4-6% per year, let alone the increase in the value of the property itself.

70% for the owner
30% for the management company

Investing in Sunraf - reliable profitability with minimal risk.

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