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Relocation in Montenegro as an investment in the future

The state strives to provide the best business conditions so that international software companies would consider Montenegro a stable investment.
Foto by GOV.ME | Dritan Abazovich with Arkady Dobkin
Recently, the Montenegrin Government has been increasingly communicating with the IT sector representatives about relocation.

According to official sources, this year, the Government had meetings with Arkady Dobkin (EPAM Systems head), Bradley Horowitz (Google vice president) and Vitaly Buterin (Canadian software developer, Co-founder open-source blockchain Ethereum).

A bill on “digital nomads” and freelancers has been submitted to parliament, and conditions are being introduced to favour the use of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, Montenegro has launched its stablecoin.

In turn, SUNRAF has provided the first line of comfort for relocators and businesses. After all, you must admit that comfort should be not only in business but also in life. It is better when the most transparent sea complements this comfort, mountain beauties and modern housing at the water's edge, noisy and overflowing on a sandy beach.

SUNRAF - an excellent place to invest, for life, for you.

The future starts today.

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