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Life on the Coastline

Why is it so great to have your apartment on the first sea line?

Why is it so great to have your apartment on the first sea line?

The sea lovers know how challenging the beach path could be.

Coastline Montenegro
The time lost in traffic and expensive parking make your experience less pleasant.
Those who tried to get to Mogren Beach in Budva will understand that sometimes there are no parking spaces in paid parking lots, let alone free ones.

The farther from the beach, the more difficult it is to get to the water in the heat. The scorching summer sun takes your energy with every step, and only then there is no time for rest. The way back from the beach also exhausts you and the rest turns into a test.

Living on the coastline is convenient and comfortable, here's another reason

And it happened that they came, opened a beach bag, and it turned out that they forgot the sunscreen. The proximity of the apartment will be a big plus.

Because of the mountain, the rain that has fallen will not spoil the rest because the house is nearby.

And this is only a small part of what will help make life near the sea comfortable and enjoyable.

And if we compare Budva and Rafailovichi, then Rafailovichi is a true Montenegrin POLAKO.

Rafailovici - affordable luxury getaway

The management company takes care of your property. If you wish, we will undertake to rent out your apartment while you are away, so you can earn additional income.

Renting your apartment out can provide you with a stable income of 4-6% per year, let alone the increase in the value of the property itself.

70% for the owner
30% for the management company