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Coastline and Beaches of Montenegro

Best Beaches of Montenegro's Coastline from Ulcinj to Herceg Novi


From sandy stretches to pebbled shores, Montenegro's 293km coastline offers a diverse beach experience for every traveler. With Bečići Beach recognized as Europe's most beautiful beach in 1935, Montenegro's coastal allure is timeless.

The country's beach culture embraces both traditional and nudist tourism, with famous nudist spots like Ada Bojana offering secluded tranquillity. Montenegro's beaches vary greatly, from the longest sandy beach, Velika Plaža, to boat-only accessible coves like Dobrec Beach.

Remarkably, Montenegro's coastline blends natural beauty with historical elements, like Sveti Stefan, a luxury resort set in a historic village. Montenegro's beaches cater to all, promising an unforgettable journey through nature, history, and unique coastal landscapes.

Ulcinj's Velika Plaža (Long Beach)

Stretching out over 12km, Ulcinj's Velika Plaža is the longest sandy beach on the Adriatic Sea, famous for its soft sand and shallow waters. The beach is a hub for water sports activities, particularly kitesurfing, due to the area's excellent wind conditions. While Velika Plaža is popular and often bustling with activity, its sheer length ensures there's plenty of space for everyone.
68km from Sunraf /
(1.30h) drive

Ada Bojana

Near the Albanian border and tucked away at the mouth of the Bojana River, you'll find Ada Bojana, a natural island renowned for its tranquil, almost untouched beauty. Perhaps, its one of the most renown nudist beach in Montenegro. Its sandy beach is a hidden gem popular among nature lovers and those seeking a quieter beach experience.
75km from Sunraf /
(1.40h) drive

Sveti Stefan & Milocer

South of Budva lies the islet of Sveti Stefan. Miločer, or King's Beach, offers tranquility amidst centuries-old olive trees, with its fine sand and calm waters. Adjacent Queen's Beach, a secluded cove known for its pink sand, ranks among Montenegro's most beautiful beaches. These public beaches capture the elegance of the exclusive Sveti Stefan area.
5km from Sunraf /
(8 min) drive


Nestled between Becici and Przno near Budva, Kamenovo Beach is a treasure of Montenegro's coastline. Known for its fine pebbly sand, crystal-clear waters, and stunning sunsets, it offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and lively atmosphere. This sun-drenched beach, complete with beach bars and water sports, is a must-visit for seaside explorers.
1.5km from Sunraf /
(3 min) drive

Bečići beach

Southeast of Budva, Bečići Beach, an award-winning beauty, extends along Montenegro's coast. This 2km stretch of pebbly beach, with its clear turquoise waters, is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and families. Restaurants, bars, and water sports activities enrich the beachfront, providing a mix of relaxation and adrenaline. Blending natural allure, modern amenities, and proximity to Budva, Bečići caters to all types of beach-goers. Sunraf is located 20 meters away from the Bečići beach.
20m from Sunraf /
(1 min)

Budva's Mogren Beach

Split into two parts by a cliff, Mogren Beach in Budva is easily one of Montenegro's most iconic spots. Enclosed by rocky cliffs and overlooking the Old Town, Mogren offers crystal-clear waters and beautiful views. However, its charm isn't a well-kept secret, so it can get crowded during peak season.
5.5km from Sunraf /
(14 min) drive

Jaz Beach

Close to Budva, you'll find Jaz Beach, one of Montenegro's largest and most popular beaches. With camping facilities nearby, a variety of music festivals held annually, and a wealth of water sports activities on offer, Jaz Beach has a lively, vibrant atmosphere that's hard to match.
10km from Sunraf /
(22 min) drive

Blue Horizons (Plavi Horizonti)

Located on the Lustica peninsula, Plavi Horizonti, also known as Blue Horizons, is a picturesque sandy beach renowned for its shallow, azure waters and natural surroundings. It's a bit off the beaten path, making it a perfect spot for those seeking a quieter, more relaxing beach day.
30km from Sunraf /
(45 min) drive

Mirista Beach and Arza Fortress

Mirista Beach is a small pebble beach on the Lustica Peninsula. Nearby, the Arza Fortress, an Austro-Hungarian relic, is a must-see. After visiting the fortress, you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters of Mirista.
42km from Sunraf /
(1.10h) drive

Herceg Novi's Žanjice Beach

Žanjice Beach in Herceg Novi is a popular spot with locals and tourists alike. Surrounded by olive groves and offering various facilities and water sports activities, Žanjice provides the perfect blend of natural beauty and modern convenience.
42km from Sunraf /
(1.10h) drive

Dobrec Beach

Accessible only by boat, Dobrec Beach is a secluded pebble beach near Herceg Novi. This hidden gem is perfect for those seeking peace and tranquility, away from the bustling tourist spots. With just a single restaurant on the beach, you can enjoy the simplicity and serenity of the beautiful Montenegrin coastline.
42km from Sunraf /
(1.10h) drive

From the vibrant and lively to the serene and secluded, Montenegro's coastline boasts a diverse range of beaches, each with its unique charm and appeal.

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