The First Line | Montenegro Rafailovici | 30 Seconds to the Sea

Rafailovici unique place on
Adriatic coast

Why people choose Rafailovici

The place where SUNRAF is located is unique in its nature.

The summer sea breeze of the Adriatic, which even in the hottest weather gives a touch of freshness.

Rafailovici promenade
This is the clear waters of the once fishing bay, which over the past 30 years has become more lively and favorable for recreation.

This is the evening wind from the north, which blows from the green slopes of the most beautiful mountains, wrapped in cypresses, ancient oaks, blackberry bushes and a great variety of local vegetation.

The mountains, cut by the mouths of seasonal rivers, create a unique and special picture, which is why these places were chosen by local artists and artists.

Rafailovici - great place for relaxing work

Many IT workers, both developers and owners of StartUPs and businesses with experience, appreciated these places.

Turtles and ecology in Rafailovici

What is common?

In the evenings, in the local thickets, you can meet turtles that have chosen these places.

The Balkan tortoise is a rare endangered species. In France, the Balkan tortoise is considered an endangered species, Montenegrins treat turtles gently and reverently, and clean ecology allows this species to flourish here.

And indeed, every summer on the seaside paths, here and there, another specimen will crawl out.

And if we compare Budva and Rafailovichi, then Rafailovichi is a true Montenegrin POLAKO.

Turtles will not let you lie.

Rafailovici - affordable luxury getaway

The management company takes care of your property. If you wish, we will undertake to rent out your apartment while you are away, so you can earn additional income.

Renting your apartment out can provide you with a stable income of 4-6% per year, let alone the increase in the value of the property itself.

70% for the owner
30% for the management company
Or you can call us yourself:
+382 69 059 049
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