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February in Montenegro

Where Coastal Serenity Meets Snowy Adventures

Why choosing Montenegro, and more specifically the Budva Riviera, in February

As February dawns on Montenegro, the nation offers a rare blend of coastal leisure and winter escapades. The Budva Riviera, kissed by the Mediterranean sun, stands in stark contrast to the snow-blanketed terrains of Kolašin and Žabljak. Indeed, February in Montenegro is a montage of both worlds, best enjoyed with a touch of luxury from a base like SUNRAF.
Autumn along the Montenegrin coast
Basking in the Budva Riviera

For those envisioning a February sprinkled with sun, Budva Riviera doesn’t disappoint.

Montenegro's sunniest coast boasts an average of 130 hours of sunshine in February.

The daytime temperatures range comfortably between 7°C to 14°C, making it conducive for long coastal walks and alfresco dining.
Highlights of Budva in February
  • Majestic Mornings: Wake up to sun-drenched horizons, as the Budva Riviera offers some of the most picturesque sunrises over the Adriatic Sea.
  • Culinary Experiences: Savor the flavors of winter-special Montenegrin dishes. As February is off-peak, you'll enjoy an authentic dining experience with locals in cozy taverns across Budva.
  • Heritage Exploration: With fewer tourists around, it's the perfect time to explore the cultural treasures of Budva, unhindered and at your own pace.

Winter Wonderlands: Kolašin & Žabljak
Terrace at SUNRAF in autumn
Sunraf Terrace in the autumn - a perfect place for sunset gazing
Just two hours away from SUNRAF, Kolašin beckons winter sports lovers with its pristine slopes.

February sees the resort in its snowy prime, catering to both amateur and professional skiers and snowboarders.

Not to be outdone, Žabljak offers a serene alternative to Kolašin. While it's equally enticing for skiing, Žabljak is also a haven for those who prefer winter walks, snowshoeing, or simply immersing in the beauty of the Durmitor National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Why Choose Montenegro in February?

Combining the allure of the Budva Riviera with the snowy escapades of Kolašin and Žabljak, February in Montenegro offers an unparalleled dual-experience.

Whether you're sipping wine by the coast or conquering mountainous terrains on skis, SUNRAF's prime location ensures you're never too far from your next adventure.
In sum, February in Montenegro is all about variety.
In Summary
February in Montenegro is all about variety. Bask in the coastal warmth, relish gastronomic wonders, or set your pulse racing with winter sports - every day brings with it a new facet of Montenegrin charm
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