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Treasures of the Past:

Antique Shopping in Montenegro

A Guide to Antique Havens from Budva to Cetinje

If you’re an aficionado of history and relics from the past, you’ll find Montenegro to be a goldmine. This small, captivating country nestled on the Adriatic Sea is not just renowned for its natural beauty and cultural heritage but also as a hub for unique antique treasures. From charismatic shops in Budva to the bustling market of Podgorica, Montenegro offers myriad options for antique shopping. Here’s your guide to the best places where you can shop for antiques in Montenegro.
Antique Shopping in Budva
Budva, an ancient city with a rich history dating back over two millennia, is home to an array of enchanting antique shops, each brimming with unique finds. Here, you can hunt for a diverse array of treasures, from vintage jewelry and historical artifacts to antique furniture and fine art.

One notable location is the much-loved Antique Shop & Gallery in Budva. This shop is a must-visit destination for any antique enthusiast, as it offers a wide variety of items such as old postcards, historical books, vintage coins, and more. Each item in this shop has a story to tell, each a fragment of the vibrant history of Montenegro.

The owner of the shop, Nadja, is a well-known figure in Budva. Not only is she a lover of history and collectables, but she is also known for her fondness for cats. Nadja runs a volunteer fund dedicated to helping the cats of Old Town Budva.
Pijaca Market in Podgorica
If you want to experience shopping as a local, head to the "Pijaca" market in Podgorica, Montenegro's capital. This open-air market is a lively hotspot where you can find a variety of goods ranging from fresh local produce to clothing and antiques.
While the Pijaca market is not exclusively an antique market, it is a treasure trove for those with a keen eye. Wander through its bustling lanes, and you may find vintage ornaments, old Montenegrin pottery, and a wide range of other antique items. This market offers a unique shopping experience, allowing you to soak in the local culture while hunting for antiquities.

photos by @mariamakosart

Tips for Antique Shopping in Montenegro
  1. Be Early: The best finds often go to the early shoppers, especially at open-air markets like Pijaca.
  2. Haggle: Bargaining is often expected in markets and even in some antique shops. Don't be shy to negotiate the price.
  3. Research: It helps to know a bit about the items you're interested in. A quick study can aid you in identifying genuine items and understanding their worth.
  4. Patience: Antique shopping is akin to a treasure hunt. It requires patience and a keen eye. Take your time to peruse each shop and market stall.
Where else to look for antique in Montenegro?
Kotor: As a UNESCO World Heritage site, Kotor is a city steeped in history. Its Old Town area, characterized by winding streets and ancient buildings, hosts a variety of antique shops where you can find unique and authentic artifacts, from old maritime equipment to vintage jewelry. Additionally, there are several antique bookshops where you can discover ancient manuscripts and out-of-print books.

Herceg Novi: Known as the 'City of the Sun', Herceg Novi is also rich in history. It's a great place to find antiques shops, particularly near the Old Town area. These shops offer a variety of items, such as old maps, coins, and traditional Montenegrin clothing.

Cetinje: As the historical capital of Montenegro, Cetinje is a must-visit for antique collectors. The city is famous for its museums, but it also has a range of antique stores where you can find unique souvenirs, historical artifacts, and vintage furniture.

Tivat: Although it's known for its modern, luxurious marina, Tivat also has several antique shops worth exploring. They offer a diverse array of antique items, from nautical antiques reflecting the city's maritime tradition to vintage artworks and memorabilia.

Nikšić: This city is the second-largest in Montenegro and a great place to discover antique shops. You can find a variety of items here, including traditional Montenegrin craftwork, old farming tools, vintage clothes, and antique furniture.
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