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What to do when it's raining in Montenegro in summer

However, this is simply the nature of Montenegro, especially at the start of the summer season
Many tourists wonder what to do when their precious holiday time gets washed away in the rain. Fortunately, there are plenty of exciting options available!

1. Adventurous Activities
If you love adventure, consider exploring the water and mountain activities, such as canyoning. It is crucial, of course, to do this under the guidance of experienced instructors who are familiar with the local terrain and routes. The rivers become filled with fresh water after the rains, making it the perfect time for canyon and rafting enthusiasts!

2. Exploring Local Natural Wonders
If you'd rather stay dry, take the time to look around at the local sights. Along the Budva Riviera, there are many small rivers and seasonal waterfalls, some of which are surprisingly close by. The once dry riverbeds become filled with fresh, vibrant colors, and energetic rain streams rush towards the Adriatic, creating a powerful symphony of nature and transforming minor streams into raging mountain torrents.
With a car at your disposal, it's worth taking a trip to the local "Ribnjak". Don't forget to bring a change of dry clothes in your backpack - no matter how hard you try to avoid it, you're bound to get a bit wet.

3. Visit Ribnjak
Ribnjak is a place of comfort, unity with nature, and delicious cuisine. Here, you can enjoy the freshest mountain trout from the river, available all year round. The restaurant also offers a wide range of meat dishes from Montenegrin cuisine. Watch as the owners prepare sausages and chevapchichi by hand - perhaps that's the magic behind their delicious dishes. During the rain, the waterfall just 10 meters from Ribnjak showcases the beauty and power of Montenegro's nature.

4. Explore on Foot
If you're feeling a bit lazy, or didn't manage to rent a car for your holiday, you can still enjoy the nature within walking distance. From Bečići, there is a waterfall located amidst the mountains.

road to the waterfall in Rafailovici
Whether you are planning for a peaceful picnic, a refreshing swim, or just to sit and marvel at nature's splendor, the Rafailovici waterfall is a must-visit spot on your Montenegrin adventure.

In Montenegro, a whole new world can open up just a short walk away.
So don't let a little rain dampen your holiday spirits - there's always something amazing to do and see!

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